Let your beliefs save you!

Family, ethnicity, mother tongue, blood group – there are some things which we are born with, things on which we don’t have any choice; religion is not one of them. I’m extremely lucky to have a wonderful family, very proud of my ethnicity/mother tongue, but when it comes to religion, well, indifferent would be the word closest to what I feel.

As a kid we used to stay in our ancestral house . Me and my cousins were given normal religious education. We had tutors who used to come over and teach us the path to divine eternity and afterlife. So my religious beliefs (or the lack of it) has nothing to do with me not getting any opportunity to learn. And since I grew up in a multi-religious society, I have a fair idea of some of the other religions as well. But apart from the fact that its all different versions of the same story, I just couldn’t agree to any of them fully.

I believe that there is a greater power. I believe that we are not alone in this universe and there are things which are much beyond the the understanding of the human mind. But who are we to define that power? Who are we to set the rules and regulations for something which we are not even capable of understanding? Whichever religion you take, there is always a human link between the divine and the rest of us. One can argue that those links’ purpose of life was showing the rest of us the right path. So does that mean all the people who lived before “religion” was formed will burn in hell just because they didn’t have a prophet?

The human race has undergone a lot of changes over the centuries. From being just a part of the flora and fauna, we have transformed the entire world to work in a way which is most beneficial to us. And none of this would have been possible if humans didn’t support each other and work together(willingly or unwillingly). So a need to control the human mind was inevitable.  And what is the best weapon to control the human mind – fear.

Why do we invest in insurance policies? – fear – of not being able to control the future.

Why do we buy something we see in an advert (e.g. : washing detergent)? – fear – of your long trusted detergent  not cleaning the clothes properly.

Why do we spend so much on self grooming? – fear – of not looking acceptable.

Why do we wear a seat belt while driving? – fear – of getting a traffic offense ticket (safety comes a distant second).

Why do we stay back late at work? – fear – of upsetting the boss (dedication died a long time ago).

Why do we smoke that first cigarette? fear – of not being “cool”.

And why do we hide that from our folks? – fear – of knowing the fact that being cool can also get you grounded you for a long time.

So its pretty clear that nothing can beat “fear” as the best tool when it comes to controlling the human mind. And sadly that is the very tool which forms the backbone of any religion. “You follow us or burn in hell” … ” You follow us or you’ll never get salvation”….. as mentioned earlier – different versions of the same story.

A person is good by nature, NOT because of him/her following or not following any religion. Take care of yourself. Take care of your loved ones. Try and be good a much as you can. Heaven and hell is what we make of our lives right here on mother earth.
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12 Responses to Let your beliefs save you!

  1. Satya says:

    A ‘Wow’ post – The easiest way to call the bluff of a religious person is when he/she makes a connection between the universe and humans, they doesn’t have a clue on how majestic the universe really is. Our brains ‘evolved’ and for many reasons we are not even abled to imagine something of this scale. We become complete idiots when we go at the cosmological level or the sub atomic level. Our sort of brain is good enough to walk around this planet not to explore the universe.

    “safety comes a distant second” – I wear it to avoid the embarrassment of being a safety adviser and caught for a traffic violation, safety comes a distant second, i admit

    i highly recommend this video, ‘fascinating’ will be doing injustice to the video, a must watch for everyone passionate about science


  2. Zari Empire says:

    Wow that was “the” best post I’ve ever read! really great, and thanks for the comment 😉
    I wish one day people would stop the racism and discrimination of religion, race, ect… it doesn’t matter where you come from, what your religion is, or what color you are, god has created us and he loves us anyway we are.:.

    Great post! keep it up bro 🙂

  3. Zari Empire says:

    Beautiful post! com’n post more
    i’m looking forward to read more 😉


    • Shafzy says:

      Hey Zari.. thanks again for your encouragement.. :)… its just that i have too much on my plate for a while now :P.. ur blog is shaping out nicely.. still confused about the theme eh.. 😉

  4. Zari Empire says:

    hey u!
    is there still too much on your plate?! 😀 haha kidding 😉
    I’ve been so busy lately too.:.
    take care 😉

    • Shafzy says:

      if “in a new relation-to be engaged soon” counts, yeah my plate is pretty full.. :)… but then again i will have a lot more to write about in the near future.. u take care too..

  5. Wow. This post was intense. Very deep. Beautiful. Thank you.

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